Last Minutes Signgage -- Individual

The Last Minute Signage System

<div>The Last Minute Signage System was created for the 2010 Pratt MFA Mid-Year Student Show and consisted of a promotional poster for the show, a map, and signage for each individual participant.

Guiding the Last Minute Signage was the idea that any group show is inherently chaotic and this chaos can be acknowledged rather than fought: the poster, map, and signage were designed to be quickly created and easily modified. Using a DIY design tool available online, a flyer was created for each participant. Printed on colored letter-size sheets, these flyers were layered upon each other to create the show poster. Simplifying and abstracting each flyer then yielded the individual signage, giving each participant her own graphic identity that was part of the larger system.

Finally, the map showed the changes in each space: each original assignment that was changed was simply superimposed with the newest assignment. Thus the map acted as a record of the chaos of organizing the space itself.

A signage system that flaunts the chaos of community and embraces the poetry of randomness.

Finally, this signage system is lo-tech and easily replicable. I used:

* the DIY design tool noted above
* a b/w printer
* different colored papers
* simple adhesive (I used spray mount, but double sided tape would work.)
* a (color) copier


30_individualsignage-1  30_individualsignage-3 30_individualsignage-4 30_individualsignage-5 30_lastminutesignageposter 30_map2