Research is a key part to any but the most basic design project; it helps take the lay of the land, create a vocabulary, and formulate a narrative that design solutions work within. As a design researcher, I have contributed to a number of quite varied projects; some recurrent themes are how technology is changing the built landscape and mobility in the city. (Because of NDAs, only a few samples of my research work can be shown here.)

Some selected projects I have contributed to in research include:

  • Utopia-Dystopia exhibition
    Examining how design conceptualizes technology in four areas: territory, identity, interface, action. Images collected were made into stunning videos by a video artist. More info in the link.
  • Adaptation
    This is a great example of research work where I had the opportunity to create the final design work as well.
  • Experiments in Motion
    I worked on this fascinating research initiative on urban mobility in the city while at C-LAB, an architectural think tank.