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Pop-Up Museum Pasadena

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Pop-Up Museum Pasadena was an interactive art installation that was set up five times in Pasadena in the Spring and Summer of 2016. Each Pop-Up had a specific theme (Conflict, Origins, Change, Gratitude, Family). Community members were invited to bring an object or a story to share on the theme, share their ideas on it, hang out, chat, and see what others think. Through the community’s participation, a museum would be created.

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Pop-Up Museum Pasadena was a collaboration between me and Steve Campos, is a #MyPasadena project designed to explore Pasadena public life through art. The #MyPasadena projects are a series of events and artworks organized by the City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs along with partner Side Street Projects, funded by a National Endowment for the Arts Our Town public art project award.

Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Origins at Pasadena City Hall

The Pop-Up structure was designed to be set up and broken day for each event. A modular shelving system allowed objects to be displayed, while prompts written on the panels invited passer-by to share their thoughts by drawing, writing, or making something.


Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Origins.
Visitors were invited to string a piece of yarn between where they came from and where they were going.


Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Origins.
A Quinceañera party interacts with the Pop-Up Museum.

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Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Change.
Working with the community action group Transition Pasadena we came up with the brainstorming questions for the panels. What were questions to ask the community about what change they wanted and what change they could effect?

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Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Change.
Two panels invited passer-by to engage the city form through drawing exercises, inviting participants to start engaging with a community urban planning process.


Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Gratitude.
Transition Pasadena invited the museum to pop up at Repair Cafe, a regular event where community members are invited to bring in broken items to fix through community help. For Transition Pasadena, the theme for this unplanned pop-up was clear: Gratitude.


Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Gratitude.
Repair Cafe was the perfect audience for pop-up. The community was engaged and enthusiastic. Behind the structure, you can see another popular part of Repair Cafe: the bike fixing stand.

_4 whats your secret gratitude

Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Gratitude.
For this event we used chalkboard paint so that painting on the panels would be fun and clean-up would be easy. 


Above: Pop-Up Museum Pasadena: Family.
For this event, we teamed up with Reiyukai Pasadena to come up with panel questions.

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