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Jaunt — An Urban Mobility Game

Update: Excited to share that Jaunt is the Grand Prize winner for Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge:
Social Journey-Sharing App Wins Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge That Surfaces Fresh Ideas for Future Travel _ Ford Media Center

Jaunt is a social urban exploration game that rewards players for exploring their city in new ways.  The app sets landmarks throughout the city, organized along six interests: food, nature, art & culture, history, esoteric and shopping. Every time you go to a new landmark on a jaunt, you’ll get points, as well try a new way of moving through the city.

Jaunt is fun for both the intrepid urban explorer and the newbie who’s looking for a reason to leave their neighborhood on the weekend. Browse around and join a jaunt that fits with your interests or create a jaunt that will hit that restaurant, museum or secret garden you’ve been meaning to visit.
Every landmark comes with a short explanation, so you can forget the guide books at home, and create a jaunt on the go. Immediately see the destinations you haven’t been to before—which you’ll get extra points for. Find a buddy who’ll show you the ropes—or, just get lost together. Either way, you’ll see a totally different side of your city.

The context/persona study helps set the scene for how we imagined this game:

jaunt, digital, ux, ui, visual design, game, personas, context, persona


The home page takes you immediately to a map which shows you all the jaunts in your area. Landmarks pop up: gold landmarks are worth extra points; purple landmarks are unvisited points; gray landmarks are ones you’ve already visited. Tapping on any landmark gives you more info.


The jaunts that show up are regulated by your personal jaunt settings. There, you can control what you’re most interested in — food, nature arts and culture, history, esoteric, shopping — as well as controlling other filters.

 Jaunt3-2 settings

Tap on a jaunt to get more info about it, such as the mode of transportation, a short description and who’s going.

Jaunt3-3 Creating a jaunt is an easy step-by-step process.

Tap a point on the map to add it; the jaunt route will auto snap to the route according to the mode of transport you’ve chosen. Jaunt3-5Before you finish up creating the jaunt, you can toggle the jaunt view from map mode to list mode.


Messages let you stay in touch with like-minded explorers and finesse the details of a jaunt.


The jaunt history shows you jaunts you’ve been on and jaunts you’re planning on joining (whether you’ve been accepted or not) or jaunts you are organizing. Jaunt3-8

Your history shows you which categories you’ve been exploring, which ones you’ve been fastidiously exploring, and what kinds of modes you’ve tried.

Middle screen: Browse all the landmarks in list form… you can see which ones you’ve visited and which remain to see.

Right screen: The leaderboard shows the top explorers in the game.


With Ilya Zarembsky.

A few UX process sketches here, if you’re into that sort of thing.