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Anti Means Yes

ANTI Means Yes is my design thesis, where I explored design and the idea of “anti-”, “of the same kind but situated opposite” (in the meaning of anti-hero, anti-matter, anti-climax). Leaning heavily on Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, I talk about ANTI as an approach that is useful for dealing with constraints, creative brainstorming and ambiguity.A number of projects are great examples of the ANTI rubric: Times Canyon (what’s the anti-Times Square?), Comic Sans (the anti-Helvetica), Brooklyn Notebook (an anti-guidebook), Periods of Activity (an anti-autobiography).

Part of the thesis book meant making a book. What would be a book that embodied ANTI? To make an ANTI book, I first made a website for it: The website was designed in such a way as to make it usable as a book when printed out. The final book was printed through Lulu.

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